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Odyssey Home remodeling proudly offers high quality roofing, siding, and window products to customers in Germantown, WI. If you’re looking for a roof replacement, window replacement, or siding replacement, Odyssey Home Remodeling is here to help. Not only do our top of the line products come with industry-leading warranties, but we make sure that they are installed by certified installers in Germantown. From beautifying your home to saving money on energy bills – isnt it time that you took advantage of the benefits of a new roof, siding, or windows? 

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Germantown is a village located in Washington County, Wisconsin, United States. It is about 20 miles northwest of Milwaukee. The population of the village is around 20,000 people. Germantown is known for its strong community, excellent schools, and proximity to Milwaukee. Germantown has a strong agricultural heritage, with many farms in the area. Today, the village’s economy is a mix of small businesses and light manufacturing, as well as some larger companies.

The village has a high-quality school district, which includes four elementary schools, a middle school, and a high school. Germantown High School is known for its outstanding athletic programs, and the village has a strong youth sports program. Germantown is home to many parks and recreational opportunities, including the Fireman’s Park and the Germantown Community Library. The village also host the Germantown Fest annually, which features music, food, and family-friendly activities. 

The team at Odyssey Roofing and Odyssey Windows is proud to have been working with homeowners in Germantown, WI for over 20 years to improve the comfort, value, and energy efficiency of their homes with roof replacement and window replacement projects.  

Roof Replacement & Certified Roofing Contractor In Germantown, WI

There are several reasons why you may need to replace your roof in Germantown, Wisconsin:

  1. Age: If you have a traditional 3-tab roof that is approaching 20 years in age, it is probably approaching the end of its lifespan and may need to be replaced. It is important to be proactive with roof replacement so damage to the roof decking or structure does not take place in the meantime.

  2. Leaks: If you have noticed leaks in your roof or water stains on your ceiling, it is likely that your roof needs to be repaired or replaced. Repairing a modern roof that is less than 5 years old is possible, however repairing a traditional 3-tab roof that has aged is almost impossible.

  3. Aesthetics: if you are looking to give your house a new look, or you want to improve the curb appeal for resale, a roof replacement is a great way to do so.

It’s important to keep in mind that roofing material in Germantown will need to withstand extreme weather conditions – heavy snowfall during the winter and severe thunderstorms during the summer. When replacing your roof, it should be done by a professional roofing contractor that offers a certified parts and labor warranty. As one of the select few Certainteed Master Shingle Applicators in Menomonee Falls – as well as a proud partner of DaVinci Roofscapes and Unified Steel – Odyssey Roofing ranks within the top 1% of roofers in the nation. Replacing an outdated roof with an Odyssey roof can also increase your homes value – with a return on investment of 55.8% according to Cost vs Value’s 2022 Midwest statistics.   

Professional Roofing Company in Germantown, WI

The installation experts at Odyssey Roofing are trained to install a roofing system tailored to your home’s specific needs. Our expert crews handle everything from pre-construction inspection to installation and post installation service with a keen eye for detail – so you know the job will be done right, and you know who’ll be accountable to you for service. That’s why our roofing customers in Germantown would happily recommend our roofing services. 

Contact us today to learn more about the roofing products and services we offer in Germantown. We’d love to give you an assessment of your roof and a quote for your roof replacement.

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Quality Window Replacement & Window Contractor in Germantown, WI

Not only can Germantown be windy, but the temperature quickly changes from humid, hot days in the summer to freezing cold days in the winter. It is important that the contractor you choose to replace your windows uses a high quality window that can withstand this climate and protect your home from the outside elements. At Odyssey Windows we are proud to partner with Provia Windows to offer our customers the highest quality energy efficient windows on the market. Odyssey windows are made of vinyl and have insulated glass and frames to prevent heat and air from escaping your home – and they always exceed energy star qualifications for the Midwest region. Not only will you save money on your energy bills, but your home will be able to maintain a comfortable temperature no matter the season.

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Odyssey windows are extremely durable and low maintenance. They’ll never rot, warp or crack like wood windows do, and you will never have to paint or stain our windows because the colors are infused into them when they’re manufactured. Odyssey windows are perfect for dealing for any weather that Germantown throws at them. Replacing your windows with Odyssey windows in Germantown, WI can also increase your home’s value – with a huge return on investment of 68.4% according to Cost vs Value’s 2022 Midwest statistics. 

We offer many different vinyl window styles which can be customized with different grid and color options, as well as interior wood grain finishes:

Contact us today to learn more about the benefits an Odyssey Window can provide for your home in Germantown. We’d love to give you an assessment of your windows and a quote for your window replacement.

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