6 Signs You Need A Metal Roof Replacement

metal roof replacement

Metal roofs are durable, safe, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. However, like any other type of roof, they can be prone to damage and wear and tear over time. When you take good care of the metal roof, it can last for up to 50 years. In some areas, metal roofs wear down faster and necessitate the need for a replacement.

It’s worth it to wait until the right time to replace your metal roof and have it done professionally in order to reduce costs as well as the possibility of causing other unnecessary damage. However, if your metal roof has the 6 signs discussed in this post, you should think about a metal roof replacement to avoid further damage.

Read on to discover the signs of metal roof damage that require replacement. Let’s get into it!

1. Signs of Aging

First and foremost, you should understand that your roof will get old and wear down over time. Typically,  metal roofs start to show wear and signs of aging 20 to 50 years after installation. Environmental factors that accelerate metal roof aging can include salty conditions, high humidity, or high rain.

Replacing an aging roof is necessary to maintain your home’s structural integrity and energy efficiency. Additionally, metal roof replacement improves your property’s aesthetic and resale value.

Some of the common elements that will help you know when your metal roof is aging include the following:

  • Rust spots on the surface of the metal roof.
  • Corrosion or pitting.
  • Fading or discoloration because of prolonged exposure to sunlight and other weather conditions.
  • Dents and scratches weaken the metal and make the roof more susceptible to leaks.
  • Loose or missing fasteners that hold the metal panels in place.
  • Water damage in the attic or ceiling of the building.
  • Buckling or warping of the metal roof due to exposure to extreme temperatures or changes in temperature, humidity, and pressure. 

2. Metal Roof Damage

Don’t underestimate snowfall or the falling tree limbs that hit your roof. Other things that can weaken the integrity of a metal roof include strong winds, storms, and hails. Although the replacement of a metal roof after damage can be expensive, it could save you more money over time compared to ongoing repairs and any further damage done to the home as a result of the roof damage.

Most people often overlook the pressure and weight that snow exerts on a roof. Even while metal roofs are better at shedding snow, heavy snowfall can still cause damage to the metal roof. In the long term, a lot of snowfall during a potentially harsh winter can corrode your metal roof.

3. Blow-Offs

Blow-offs are still possible, even on a well-built metal roof. Notably, people who live in high-wind areas are more likely to get blow-offs. Therefore, if you fall within that category, please ensure that you verify the ability of your metal roof to withstand the flashing of strong winds or any other environmental hazard.

You can avoid blow-offs by tightening the loose seams or gaps within your roof. Unfortunately, if it happens, you should hire a professional to help you do a quality metal roof replacement. 

4. Metal Roof Leaks

The presence of leaks in a metal roof is an absolute indication of a sign that your roof needs a replacement. Environmental factors and poor installation are two of the many possible causes of leaks in a metal roof.

Taking leaks seriously is crucial because they indicate more profound roof problems. If you ignore a leak within your home’s roof, it might eventually cause structural damage, electrical problems, and even the growth of harmful molds.

5. Worn Out Sealant

As an added measure against water damage, sealants are placed around the joints and margins of some metal roofs. While metal roofs have a lifespan of anywhere from 20 to 50 years, sealants rarely last more than 20. It’s also worth noting that sealant might deteriorate more rapidly in extreme weather.

Maintaining your roof by replacing the sealant as needed is essential. Rust and corrosion, both potentially disastrous, can be avoided this way. If you replace the sealant on your metal roof more often, you reduce the likelihood of expensive repairs and replacements.

6. Saggy Roofs

When the decking (the framework of your roof) sags or droops, moisture weakens it, and the entire roof needs replacement. Consider how walking on the roof feels if you think it’s safe. If you step on it and it seems soft, like a trampoline, you should stop immediately and contact a roofing professional.

As you change the roof support system due to droopy or saggy spots, you should replace the metal roof simultaneously to ensure the proper roof build and consistent appearance.

In addition, using a new metal roof ensures that your house is less prone to leaks because you know the new material is installed correctly. A new metal roof can also come with warranties that can give you peace of mind if your materials fail. 

3 Things to Consider Before Doing Metal Roof Replacement

A metal roof replacement can be an expensive investment that necessitates extensive planning. Here are the three essential factors to take into account before starting a metal roof replacement;

  • Cost: Replacement of a metal roof is expensive. Therefore, it requires careful planning to account for the whole cost of supplies, labor, and required authorizations. Compare prices from different contractors to get the best price.
  • Safety: A metal roof manufactured and mounted correctly is fire-resistant and can even endure a hurricane’s high winds.
  • Materials: Metal roofs have evolved over the years. In the 21st century, metal roofs have become more versatile, dynamic, and functional, offering a range of colors, finishes, and shapes that can blend into any environment or style. Be sure to ask your installer what types of products they sell and from what manufacturer. 

Get Professional Metal Roof Replacement Help

If you have a metal roof problem but are unsure if it requires repairs or a replacement, you should contact a professional roofer.

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